The quality of news-reporting

The quality of news-reporting

The quality of news-reporting

The current landscape of knowledge workers, including journalists in a broader sense, cannot be easily measured and outlined in qualitative terms. Read more.




Some general considerations on gambling, and online gambling, as ludic behaviour by Peppino Ortoleva. Read more.


A point of departure to explore the discussions on the quality of information and on citizen journalism using blogs,newspapers and social networks.

The big question

How is the notion of quality changing in the information ecosystem?

Luca De Biase

Luca De Biase

A good question is the necessary precondition, even if insufficient, for obtaining good answer. The problem is therefore to clarify whether or not this question might be a valid question. It is certainly an urgent question. The quantity of information available is increasing at an incredible rate, via social media, the Internet, digitalisation and the acceleration of the speed at which one can access content on line.

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Citizen reporters at work

A group of citizen reporters have looked into the phenomenon of giving up on school and dropping out, focusing on three symbolic areas in the town of Naples: Rione Sanità, Ponticelli and Fuorigrotta. Here are the first results and the procedure framework and investigation methods: a first concrete example of a participatory inquiry.
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Schools of Journalism

ceisa.gifItalian Schools of Journalism officially recognized by the National Association of Journalists, along with a selection of best University degree and post-graduated master courses offered across the world for journalism training.
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Fact Checking

The Fact Checking platform is designed to allow anyone to verify, confirm or deny a fact or news item, hence activating a process of public collaboration.

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What is <ahref

The <ahref Foundation focuses on the quality of information emerging from today's social networks and digital media. Its research activities aim at innovation geared toward good journalism and citizen participation, while also developing open platforms & projects to increase online collaboration.



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