Data Journalism

Data journalism combines research and investigative work with the intensive use of databases, digital maps and software to analyse, narrate and visualize a story, often through mashups of different contents. Data digitalisation and the development of the Internet are considered an unprecedented opportunity to innovate journalism. In the most recent years data journalism has already helped win several Pulitzer prizes and has become part of the skillset of the profession with the emergence of the first generation of programmer-journalists.
Data Journalism
“Data-journalism" is a fast expanding phenomenon especially in the United States and Great Britain. Among the best examples are the work of Paul Bradshaw and those of ProPublica's which with its Recovery Tracker has organized the data relating to the anti-crisis measures adopted by the U.S. government to stimulate the economy, into a freely accessible database.
Benchmarking: Tools/APIs
Data journalism tools range from software programs for gathering data online, (e.g.: the "scraping" allowing collection of data from web pages and electronic documents), to the conversion of image and pdf files into machine workable formats csv and excel), as well as Api (application programming interface), those bits of code allowing different software programs to communicate with each other, and open source software programs as Ruby and Python for elaborating data and developing ad hoc applications.
What is <ahref

The <ahref Foundation focuses on the quality of information emerging from today's social networks and digital media. Its research activities aim at innovation geared toward good journalism and citizen participation, while also developing open platforms & projects to increase online collaboration.



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