Socap - Designing the Future

The world’s leading social impact innovators: investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, government and civic leaders, and innovators to design a world that’s better for all.
Quando dal 08/05/2012 alle 09:00
al 10/05/2012 alle 23:30
Dove Malmö - Sweden
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SOCAP: Designing the Future will explore:

  • Investing that works for people and the planet, linking environmental and social investors in new, holistic partnerships for change
  • Proven and innovative new market-based solutions to systemic poverty
  • Strategies that work for youth and immigrant inclusion into the economic mainstream
  • Innovative social enterprise experiments seeking to overcome drastic declines in public funding
  • Looking at the Baltic Region as a model for sustainable economic, social and environmental development
  • Family legacy investing- guiding wealthy families across generations to align their investing with their values
  • Ensuring access to health care for a growing aging population
  • Cutting-edge funding models, including crowdfunding, Social Impact Bonds, and layer cake deals that bring together philanthropic, public and impact investors for greater collective impact
  • Strategies to scale Impact Investing and Social Enterprise
  • Engaging corporate stakeholders for transformational impact

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and located just 20 minutes from Northern Europe’s largest airport Kastrup. In 2006 Malmö was certified as Sweden’s first Fair-trade City which has spurred the city’s organic and fair trade offerings. It is a vibrant city with a large number of museums and art galleries and also a rich night- and bar life. The transformation from a typical industrial city to a youthful knowledge city with a sustainable profile has quickly put Malmö on the map as one of Scandinavia’s hottest cities.

Among the organizations from more than 50 countries participating will be: The Young Foundation, the European Union, Omidyar Network, Husk Power, SIDA, Groupe SOS, LGT Group, Voxtra, Grassroots Business Fund,  B Corporation, Blue Orchard Finance, Rianta Capital, National Geographic, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Village Capital, International Futures Forum, ClearlySo, UnLtd. Future, CAF Venturesome, Panahpur Foundation, Strax, Big Society Capital, TONIIC, GIIN, ANDE and the creators of the first Social Impact Bonds.

What makes SOCAP different? SOCAP brings together more world-changing entrepreneurs and more impact investors than any other conference. SOCAP’s collaborative format includes keynotes, in depth conversations, problem-solving sessions and explorations of new models mixed with practical lessons from the field on what’s working and what’s not. Impact Investors – who want a mix of financial return along with positive social and environmental impact – will come from around the world to be part of the market at the intersection of money and meaning.

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